What is Open Science UMontreal?


  • We believe in a world in which all society members has free access to the creative processes, content, and benefits of scientific research.

  • We hope to grow a community of empowered people championing open-science-principles such as inclusiveness, collaboration, transparency, and working towards science for common good.

  • We strongly believe that openness will encourage greater collaboration, allowing us in the long term to effectively solve the problems science is facing, and will be facing in the future.


Open Science UMontreal’s mission is to promote science – for the common good – by raising awareness, providing resources, and mobilizing the community.

1- Raising awareness

The fundamental objective of OSUM is to raise awareness in the community on the benefits of using open and reproducible practices; making science more accessible, transparent, and credible.

  • Raise awareness among students and researchers
  • Inform policy makers through workshops, conferences, and blogs, with the aim of provoking the large-scale adoption of open science practices at UdeM.

2- Providing resources

We aim to facilitate the acquisition of the knowledge and skills required for the practice of open science.

  • Different modalities of activities: tutorials, guidelines, training, and opportunities to learn on open science practices and tools
  • Offering a platform for assistance and collaboration to foster better guidance in the adoption of open science practices
  • Providing accessible content for the french-speaking communities of Montreal, Canada, and the World

3- Mobilizing the community

We want to establish an inclusive and collaborative community working towards change. Where everyone is welcome to learn, share, and discuss the values, principles, and practices of open science.

  • Providing opportunities to meet and encourage the exchange of ideas within and across fields.

Any interested person, whether or not affiliated with the UdeM can participate in the activities and join our initiative.

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Contact us by email via ! It will be our pleasure to address any inquiries :)

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